Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD) provides students with the best prevention tools possible to deal with destructive decisions. Florida SADD is dedicated to educating students, parents, and others in the community concerning the problems of underage drinking, impaired driving, seatbelt usage, driver training, speeding, and distracted driving. Through positive peer pressure, support and activism, Florida SADD emphasizes traffic safety because traffic crashes are the #1 cause of death for teenagers in America.

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Week of Awareness: U R The Key

December 5 - 10, 2016

A teen traffic safety event at each high school in Leon County, including a Drive To Save Lives presentation by Cara Filler, and funded by State Farm. A community safety fair will be hosted on Saturday, December 10, 2016


Teen Crashes Are Preventable

Car crashes are the number one cause of death of our teens, and also the most preventable cause. How can we prevent teen crashes? By working together (educators, parents, law enforcement, community members, teens) to spread the message that through education and awareness, teens can make safer decisions as drivers and passengers. The National Safety... Read more »


Florida SADD has over 200 chapters in schools and communities across the state. Being registered with FL SADD makes you eligible for mini-grants and materials when available. There are no fees or dues to register, but chapters must renew every year to keep our information up-to-date.

Cape Coral SADD

Cape Coral SADD

Cape Coral High School SADD, led by the amazing Dianna Quay, has done remarkable work keeping the students at their school educated on traffic safety issues relevant to them. And Ms. Quay is such a successful mentor, that Corey Martin, the former president of their SADD chapter, was selected to be on the SADD National Student Leadership Council. This is the highest honor that a SADD member can have, and we are so proud to be represented by such an outstanding student. (Photo of me, Corey and Dianna attached). This year they're hosting an #Refuse campaign, asking their students to refuse to drive in any way that's not safe.

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