A text while driving can result in an average of 5 seconds of distraction or removal of attention from the road. It only takes three seconds after a driver’s attention wanders from the road for a crash to occur. Consider the horrific implications of these figures. The number of crashes that occur daily because of distracted driving is by the thousands.

Using your phone while driving fits this trifecta of distraction types. When you text, you avert your eyes from the road. When you text, you take a hand off the wheel in order to deal with the phone’s keypad or screen. When you text, your mental focus switches from the road to whatever it is you’re reading on your phone. It is no surprise, really, that texting is the most dangerous type of driving distraction.

The infographic below shows just how dangerous texting while driving can be. For sure, after reading the information below, you will become more vigilant of the dangers of distracted driving and driving while texting in particular. Don’t forget to take the tips on breaking the habit to heart. They may save your life!