What is Florida SADD all about?

The Florida Students Against Destructive Decisions (FL SADD) program is coordinated by the State Coordinator, funded by a grant from the Florida Department of Transportation, and housed at Tallahassee Community College. This office provides statewide coordination and assistance to Florida’s SADD chapters and works in cooperation with many state agencies, local school districts, law enforcement offices, and other state and community based organizations. The collaboration and cooperation between the state and community based organizations enhances the “Triangle of Caring” which is comprised of school, home, and community.

FL SADD is dedicated to educating students, parents, and others in the community concerning the problems of distracted driving, underage drinking, impaired driving, seatbelt usage, driver training, speeding, and red light running. FL SADD emphasizes traffic safety because traffic crashes are the # 1 cause of death for teenagers in America.

The purpose of FL SADD is to assist and encourage high school students to live safe, healthy, and substance-free lifestyles by creating chapters in their schools that support and promote positive decision-making. SADD promotes a “No-Use” message – no alcohol, tobacco, or illegal substances – through positive peer pressure, support, and activism. SADD’s philosophy is: If the problem is mine, the solution also begins with me.

What does a SADD chapter do?

FL SADD chapters sponsor awareness campaigns at sporting events, theatrical productions, and other school sponsored activities to make their fellow students, faculty, parents and community aware of the problems associated with traffic safety, underage drinking, and other issues facing youth today. SADD members participate in peer education, serve as mentors to younger students, and make presentations that promote substance-free, healthy lifestyles.

The FL SADD office provides programming materials to registered SADD chapters throughout the state of Florida. These materials include Contracts for Life, Ghost Out materials, Parent Brochures, Holiday Break materials and other SADD products, as they are available.